Green Belt Land

In Britain, land for building can be hard to find. There are services that you can approach for help. To overcome this problem, town planning policies favour reusing previously developed sites, in preference to using 'green belt' land as part of the urban renewal process.

The value of a particular self build building plots for sale is determined in many ways by the simple equation of supply and demand but more often than not it's the location that governs the price.

A self plot of land for sale without planning permission may cost around £15,000 whereas an equivalent plot of land with planning permission may be several times costlier. The land for sale may not be considered for development now, but with the UK government coaxing local councils to build more homes, more land may be released or reconsidered at any time.

With rising prices and rental income, green belt land is a good investment. The Town and Country Planning Act paved way for formation of these green belts almost 60 years ago. The Act made it possible for local authorities to include green belt proposals in their first development plans.

In 1955, i.e. a decade after the green belts were formed, further codification of Green Belt policy and its extension to areas other than London happened and local planning authorities had to consider the establishment of green belts. The windfall profit that a green belt owner can make by developing the land is attractive. Building your own home on green belt land has become possible if you know how to go about the task.

It is not easy to find a self build plot since there are not many good plots available, especially since planning departments have to promote derelict locations and developers, as is their wont, snap them up quickly.